[ID] Legend of noodes 면의전설 @ Senopati, Jakarta

@@@@ 4/5

Update: Omelette Rice 오므라이스 was a good surprise. Amazingly large in portion with interesting sauce covering it. I would suspect that the Omelette Rice 오므라이스 sauce is commonly used with Don Gasu (Don Katsu) 돈까스. (August 25, 2018).


Original post

Legend of noodles 면의전설 is a famous spot among the Korean community for Chinese-style spicy soup noodle called Jjam-pong 짬뽕. Quite exotic visual with lots of seafood ingredients… Taste is shallow due to heaps of MSG, but worth a try if you are looking for spicy seafood noodle.

Jja jang myeon 짜장면 was equally full of rich ingredients. The sauce was slightly dry compared to the Jja jang myeon 짜장면 that I can easily see in Seoul; however, the taste is a bit more concentrated – which is my preference.


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