[ID] Mapo Galmaegi 마포갈매기 @ Senopati

Taystar @@@ 3/5 (Revised)

Update: Our family was disappointed by the intense pork smell from our Mapo Galmaegi 마포갈매기. We ended up with a lot of left overs. Downgrading recommendation to 3 stars (October 15, 2018).

Original write-up:

Very widely known and talked about restaurant that recently expanded its franchise to the South heart of Jakarta. The original franchise is located at the Northern part of the city. In a nutshell, I would say Mapogalmaegi 마포갈매기 (Magal 마갈) has more strength on the grill settings rather than the meat itself. As a quick reminder the grill setting is long outdated fashion in Korea. However, nice ambience and service but the quality of meat wasn’t above expectations.

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