[KR] So Geum Ba Chi Soon Ee Ne 소금바치 순이네 @ Jeju-do 제주도

Taystar ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Over the past couple of experiences in Jeju 제주, I began to realize how bad service quality was. Maybe it was just my feeling, or maybe it was the local culture, but if it weren’t for my big family, I would have exploded many times. 

Soon Ee Ne 순이네 was no different. Other non-core dishes were sub par quality. But I have to admit that Dol Moon Uh Bok Um 돌문어볶음 (flagship product) was so good that it was able to cover up the bad side of the place. Sugary and spicy sauce was an amazing experience with fat octopus meat and bouncy noodles. It would be a fabulous call if service quality were to improve by a slight margin.

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