[KR] Book Chang Dong Soon Doo Boo 북창동 순두부 @ Korean Food Street 한식미담길 Incheon Airport Terminal 2 인천공항 제2청사

Taystar ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

As a Korean living in Jakarta, my visit to Korea is always a big excitement due to the abundant options of delicious original Korean cuisine. My Korean tour kicked off today with Soon Doo Boo 순두부 at the newly opened Incheon Airport Terminal 2 인천공항 제2청사. I wanted to go with the rare menu, Gob Chang Soon Doo Boo 곱창순두부. The soup was amazingly thick possibly due to the fact that there were too much seasonings (spices) in it. Overall I can’t say it is anywhere close to being rated quality, but a nice warm Korean welcome breakfast 🙂

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