[Product] Uh U-don 어우동 by Go Rae Sa Uh Mook 고래사어묵

Taystar ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

This is my first product posting and I am so excited to share a product that made my jaw drop with one tasting.

This is Uh U-don 어우동 produced by a private fish cake shop called Go Rae Sa Uh Mook 고래사어묵 in Busan 부산. My wife happened to visit this place last time she was in Busan 부산. I asked how this place was and she quietly raised up her thumb.

So Uh U-don 어우동 is a product made not by a big food company but a private shop.

There are three amazing layers to the surprise: 1. Mind-blowing rich and thick soup, 2. Noodle texture which was made from fish meat (the cover of the product claims that this feature is patented), 3. Full rich O-deng 오뎅.

My personal pick would be the noodle made from fish meat. Please don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t smell like fish nor taste like fish… It’s simply different but I don’t think I can explain the taste/ feeling of the texture in words. I would assume that the noodle would never soak up the soup even being left alone for hours.

Must try and very highly recommended!!

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