[ID] Seo Seo Galbi 서서갈비 @ Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)

Taystar @@@@ 4/5

What is meant by Seo Seo Galbi? Well, here’s the definition in Korean: “한국전쟁 때 유래된 서서갈비는 유난히 갈비집이 많은 서울 신촌 마포지역 운전기사들이 짧은 시간에 앉을 새도 없이 연탄 드럼통에서 구운 갈비를 서서 먹고 가면서 유명세를 타 붙여진 이름이다.” So, simply, the term Seo Seo Galbi 서서갈비 originated during the Korean war and it illustrates drivers – who had to squeeze out their time – quickly enjoying grilled Galbi 갈비 grilled on a steel drum while standing up near Shin Chon 신촌 Mapo 마포 Area (where Galbi 갈비 restaurants were clustered). Fast forward decades later and the steel drums are gone and people are sitting down casually enjoying good Seo Seo Galbi 서서갈비 at restaurants.

Seo Seo Galbi 서서갈비 at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) was a pretty refreshing surprise with clean, nice, and well-marinated galbi 갈비 presented to us. It’s got the fancy grill settings – which I’m not a big fan of – and ban chan 반찬 settings met the minimum standard. The sauce of the Seo Seo Galbi 서서갈비 is heated, which I might suspect that it was to prevent oil formation. Woo Sam Gyeop 우삼겹 was also pretty interesting as the taste was a bit more sophisticated than its peers. However, the downside is that it was a bit too greasy.

Bottom line, I would always be delighted to come back for more.

The grill settings at Seo Seo Galbi
Very basic ban chan 반찬 settings
Seo Seo Galbi pre-grilled
Seo Seo Galbi being grilled
Woo Sam Gyeop
Woo Sam Gyeop being grilled


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