[KR] Parc @ Itaewon 이태원

Taystar @@@@@ 5/5

Parc Restaurant serves traditional homemade Korean food. We decided to go for the heavy lunch menu – Grilled Black Angus LA Galbi 미국산 블랙앵거스 LA갈비구이. In a nutshell, quality of food, presentation, and details were all best-in-class. Further, I was amazed by the juiciness of the beef ribs, the thickness, the portion (which was quite huge), the seasoning and overall harmony. We were given free Japchae 잡채 for the late serving and it was also pretty rich in contents and full of flavor.

From their website:

Mama knows best!

PARC was founded in 2013 in the Hannam district of Seoul, which is the most international neighborhood of Korea’s capital city.

PARC, which translates to park in the famed romance language of Catalan, serves traditional Korean food inspired from authentic family recipes by owner Pak Mogua’s mother, Heo Junghee, that have been passed down through generations of family.

After 4 years of traveling the world, Pak realized the strong impact his mother’s cooking had always had on him with its unique and genuine flavors. It was then when he decided to collect all of his mother’s recipes to not only document for himself, but to also share with people he loved.

In the summer of 2012, co-owners Pak Mogua and Oo Zeemin came up with the idea for PARC while sitting in what would eventually become the actual restaurant space. They designed PARC to be casual and affordable, and a friendly restaurant where everyone is welcome and can dine in comfort.

PARC prides itself on serving authentic and homemade Korean dishes using the freshest ingredients with both modern and traditional cooking techniques. With a seasonal menu featuring the best of Korean cuisine, we hope you come and try our Korean Mother’s Recipes & More.



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