[KR] Samsung Wonjo Yang Gobchang 삼성원조양곱창 @ Cheongdam-dong 청담동, Seoul

@@@@@ 5/5

I’m really not a big fan of gob chang 곱창 however, Samsung Wonjo Yang Gobchang 삼성원조양곱창 was a place I would revisit for their gobchang 곱창. I was impressed how they managed to keep the gob 곱 in place and the texture at the bite was beautifully chewy. Equally surprising was the fact that their gobchang 곱창 had no funky smell to them. We also found the chung gook jang 청국장 to be another jaw-dropping menu. The visual is a bit on the white side (unconventional) while the taste was on the milky sweet camp. Loved it as much as we enjoyed the gobchang 곱창. Would definitely revisit.

Post script: The place opens at 5pm and people were rushing in to secure a seat at the tiny little establishment. I don’t think they take reservations here (First come, first serve). The place was on air (see last picture below) which should have added to the traffic.

Location: 서울특별시 강남구 청담동 133-6

Contact: +82 2-545-8895

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