[KR] Piyang-Og 피양옥 @ Cheongdam-dong 청담동, Seoul

@@@ 3/5

It is told that Piyang-Og 피양옥 serves one of the best Pyongyang naengmyeons 평양냉면 in Gangnam 강남. The noodle was a bit thicker than the regular naengmyeon 냉면 while the texture was less chewy. The clear soup was also slightly bland with little complication to it. I liked the Naeng Jae Yuk 냉제육, but was less inspired by the Naeng Su Yuk 냉수육. Nok Du Jeon 녹두전 was also a sweet surprise menu for us.

#Piyangog #피양옥 #냉면 #냉면맛집 #냉면잘하는곳 #평양냉면 #Naengmyeon #JMT

Location: 14 Samseong-ro 133-gil, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Contact: +82 2-545-9311

Mul Naeng Myeon 물냉면
Naeng Jae Yuk 냉제육 (반)
Naeng Soo Yuk 냉수육 (반)
Nok Du Jeon 녹두전 (반)
Basic Side Dish 반찬

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