[SG] Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant @ Alexandra Retail Center

Taystar ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
I usually don’t try out Korean restaurants in Singapore because they are no value for money. My sales took us to this restaurant which was located outside the usual business zone and I was amazed to find that the taste was not that bad. 

Kimchi 김치 was spiced well with other banchan 반찬 relatively well served. I especailly enjoyed the kongnamul 콩나물. 

Main dishes were Bulgogi 불고기, Bulgalbee 불갈비, and Dalkdoritang 닭도리탕. Among the three, Bulgalbee 불갈비 was fascinating with soft meat texture and great grill. I think overall dishes were well presented with slight touch of sugary taste. 


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