[MY] Restoran Fatty Crab @ Petaling Jaya, KL

@@@@ 4/5

It’s amazing how a place can attract such a big crowd. The place is located at the outskirts of the city of KL – which is clear evidence that this place is true local food spot (20km from the Twin Tower).

The place is a family spot where big families get together for a heavy meal. Smell of the food stimulated my desire to taste the food during the 40 minutes wait.

We got a table for us and enjoyed the chicken, signature crab, fried rice, toast and of course Tiger. Chicken was greasy but juicy. Seasoning was amazing with a slight curry flavor supporting the overall flavor. Fried rice was (in my view) below average. Especially if you consume it separately it might be a bit empty, and I recon that it was due the fact that you are supposed to eat it with the crab sauce. The same story applies to the toast. The star of the day – the crab – was amazing with contents true to the name of the restaurant – fat! Crab was fresh and juicy with the wedded sauce harmonizing the overall taste. Kids loved it, my wife loved it and we all enjoyed. #One note: For a crab cuisine, sauce is an essential part of the dish. However, for me, the sauce itself was a bit unusual to my taste. Sour, spicy and sweet taste was a bit too complex for my Korean tongue.

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