[KR] Chai Lyn (Chailin) 차이린 @ Samsung-dong 삼성동, Seoul

@@@@ 4/5

Update: Jjam ppong 짬뽕 had a unique spicy taste to it. It was refreshing however, couldn’t differentiate itself from the rest. Portion was also very huge. Sweet and sour pork was a but different compared to the one I had earlier, however this one was more crispy and juicy. (August 25, 2019)


Original post (June 11, 2018)

Chai Lyn 차이린 was a delightful Chinese cuisine experience. All the dishes we ordered had distinct authentic taste to them. Chef seemed to be Korean Chinese as well as the hall servers.

Greens: Stir fried morning glory w/ XO sauce. XO sauce can never go wrong. However, there seemed the be a slight Korean touch to the sauce (which I cannot explain).

Meat: Fried pork w/ sweet and sour sauce. This was a “wow” menu! First, I was surprised with the thickness of the fried pork. Second, amazing how I could feel the juice of the pork inside my mouth (which has never been experienced at other Korean-Chinese restaurants). Third, sweet and sour sauce did their intended job inside the mouth.

Noodle: Noodle w/ soybean paste and Iberico pork. I was surprised with the size of the portion – which was 20% more than the average Jja jang myeon 짜장면 portion. But no surprises to the quality and taste of the dish.

Rice: Stir fried crab meat and rice w/ XO sauce. Presentation in a wooden bowl was interesting, however don’t really know how that enhances the overall taste of the fried rice. Anyway, there were generous crab meat contents.

Location: 71-24 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Contact: +82 2-543-2847

Must have: Sweet and sour pork, Crab meat fried rice

Update pictures


Original pictures


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