[KR] Hi bo 하이보 @ Daechi-dong 대치동

Taystar @@@@ 4/5

Update on September 9, 2018: Jja Jang Myeon 짜장면 and Jjam Ppong 짬뽕 were still crazily fantastic. Our first tries this time around were Fried rice and Xiao Long Bao. Fried rice was not something I would re-order. I think the dark rice was a wrong pick in the making of a fried rice. Xiao Long Bao was good at the inside (both juice and ingredients) but the skin was a bit too thick, in my view.


This was another one of those pleasant discoveries from an unexpected walk-in. Stopped by Hi bo 하이보 for dinner and a quick round of soju w/ friends. Generally speaking dishes were above standard and especially Jjam Ppong 짬봉 was incredibly fascinating. All the party members agreed that Jjam Ppong soup 짬뽕국물 was deep and thick in texture and had diverse taste mix to it. Equally surprising was the Jja Jang Myeon 짜장면 with amazing Chun Jang 춘장 sauce.

Later, found out that the place is well reputed for dim sum. Should try out. Here’s a detailed review in Korean (but maybe worth looking at those lovely pictures of dim sum dishes): https://goo.gl/45MHYk

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