[ID] Mapo Galmaegi @ Lippo Mall Kemang

@@@@ 4/5

Among several Mapo Galmaegi outlets, I would have to say that Lippo Mall Kemang outlet is by far the best Mapo Galmaegi branch. There was no pork smell to the Samgyeopsal 삼겹살 nor Galmaegisal 갈매기살. Banchan 반찬 was tidy and fresh while the Miyeok Guk 미역국 was something out of this world. I would consider Mapo Galamegi Miyeok Guk 마포갈매기 미역국 to be the richest soup that I had in Jakarta. I would come back for the Miyok Guk 미역국 alone.

Location: Kemang Village (Lippo Mall), The Avenue of Stars, Lantai Upper Ground, Jl. Pangeran Antasari, Kemang, Jakarta

Contact: +62-21-50813466

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