[US] The Cheesecake Factory @ Westfield Valley Fair, Santa Clara

@@ 2/5

The ambiance of The Cheesecake Factory Santa Clara made me feel like I was back in Vegas (but with a cheesy twist). The big pillars were covered up in Egyptian hieroglyphics and paintings, while the ceiling attempted to replicate the Venetian Casino sky. Food wasn’t all that great with most of them coming in below expectations. I would have to say that there’s a lot of improvements that the restaurant needs to undergo. Some negatives to mention: 1) Entrees were served exactly one hour we took the seat (and the place wasn’t all that crowded) and 2) We ordered medium doneness on the steak and it came out well done. The real big surprise was the oreo milkshake – which was pretty amazing.

Location: 3041 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Contact: +1 (408) 246-0092

New York Steak
Steak size was pretty decent
The grill chicken salad was pretty okay and the portion was super large
Grilled salmon from the kids’ menu
Spaghetti meatballs from the kids’ menu
Crab bites… but I think it should be called tuna bites
The super surprise came from the oreo milkshake
Bread and butter… The brown bread was pretty interesting
I wonder where they got their interior concept
Check out the ceiling, where they attempted to replicate the Venetian sky
The Cheesecake Factory

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