[US] Poorboy’s Cajun Kitchen @ Homestead Rd., Santa Clara

@@@ 3/5

We ordered two of the 3 lb. Special Boil which is comprised of 1 lb. shrimp, 1 lb. clams, 1 lb. mussels, 3 piece corn, 3 piece sausage per bag. We chose one non-spicy for the kids and one mixed spices for the grown ups. I would have to say, the sauce was pretty amazing. It’s got a lot of hot flavors hitting the tongue and it was absolutely something to come back for. The contents were fresh and decent in size, but I think it could have been better with more variety. The other menus were pretty generic.

Location: 2605 Homestead Rd, Santa Clara, CA 95051, USA

Contact: +1 408-645-5286

3 lb. Special Boil
3 lb. Special Boil
Chicken pop
Chicken wings
Fried calamari
Seating layout
The front reception

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