[ID] Restoran Citrus Lee @ Jl. Kutai, Surabaya

@@@ 3/5

Restoran Citrus Lee is a fine-dining restaurant based in Surabaya. First impression on the outside was that it was dark and the entrance was a bit closed compared to other restaurants where they ususlly welcome customers. Inside had the old-school fine dining ambiance, which was quite refreshing (at least for me). Food was French influenced Asian fusion and the chef-owner seemed to be always around managing the kitchen and the floor himself. We saw a lot of experiments with the food and the plating was beautiful. But I would have to argue against the positive public view because I don’t think the dishes were overly exceptional nor unique (at least from my standard). Lots of experiments and beautiful presentation, however, Citrus Lee lacks the sharp punch expected when paying more than IDR500k (c. USD35)per pax dinner.

Location: Jl. Kutai No.12, Darmo, Kec. Wonokromo, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60241

Contact: +62-812-9067-1432

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