[Product] Chicken Skin by KFC

@@@ 3/5

I’m proud to say that I am a fried chicken lover and KFC is one of my favorite chicken spots. A while ago, I read in an article that KFC Indonesia rolled out a new product that everyone was waiting for – chicken skin! They don’t sell them across all the outlets, so make sure you check out before you go there.

First impression was that one portion (a bag of chicken skin) looked a bit small in size. Indeed one chicken skin bag only contained roughly 8- 9 bites of skins which could easily be emptied in few seconds. One piece of chicken skin fit perfectly inside the mouth and the crispiness was amazing. They were finger-lickin’ good. The seasoning was more towards the crispy and spicy fried chicken skin without the spiciness rather than the original chicken flavor. The texture was more dry than the skin you tear off the fried chicken. Simply there’s no juice at the bite. I suspect that the skins were detached from the chicken body chopped and fried separately.

Conclusion is that I would still favor the chicken skin on the fried chicken. I would have no problem ordering the chicken skin again, but wouldn’t die for it.

Chicken skin delivered to our office
Portion was smaller than my expectation
The brand that everyone loves
So, there were 8 bites to enjoy per portion
Oh yeah… Chicken skin and sambal!
Roughly Rp15,000 per portion

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