[KR] Won Jo Seo Rin Nak Ji 원조서린낙지 @ Jongro 종로, Seoul

@@@@ 4/5

It was our first visit to Seorin Nakji 서린낙지 and in a nutshell, it was a pretty interesting dining experience. The shop sells spicy long-legged octopus mixed up with various veggies and meat (sausages and bacon). The dish wasn’t all that spicy as the spiciness was contained by the pile of bean sprouts. I enjoyed the various texture comprising of octopus, sausage, bacon and the bean sprout. A perfect spot for a big group dinner.

#종로맛집 #서린낙지 #원조서린낙지 #종로회식장소 #Octopus #Jongrorestaurant

Location: 19 Jong-ro, Cheongjin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Contact: +82 2-735-0670

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