Marugame Udon @ Gandaria City

Taystar ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Clean, systematic and simple… The traditional Japanese style is built into the shop itself. You wait in line, select food and pay at the counter (Yes, that’s right… You paybefore you eat!!) on a conveyer belt. One might argue how this system CAN work here, given Indonesian restaurants totally serve you and clean up everything for you. I guess it’s something new for those who are not used to the system, and I guess that’s the key selling point of this restaurant. Anyway…. So let’s strip away the “new” thing and focus on the food. We had Kake udon, Niku udon, Tori Baitang udon. In a nutshell, overall food is very generic. It’s not so amazing but at the same time  can never go wrong. Soybean broth was moderate in depth and taste, white soup was also mediocre. The noodles were good in shape and thickness. The tempura and いなりずし were all so well within expectation. Would come again once in a while if I am looking for simple udon, but I don’t think I would crave.

Location: Mall Gandaria City Lt. UG Unit MU 16-17, Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, RT.10/RW.6, Kby. Lama Utara, Kby. Lama, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12240

Contact: +62 811-3248-765


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