[ID] Paradise Dynasty Cengkareng @ Soekarno Hatta Airport Terminal 3, Jakarta

@@@ 3/5

There wasn’t nothing new. Obviously we’ve been to Paradise Dynasty many times; see https://goo.gl/7eQZvA

I think this is the only place in Soekarno Hatta Terminal 3 which serves decent noodle with soup (main competitor on the soup noodle arena should be Marugame Udon at the terminal; see https://goo.gl/xHSjpu). Well, franchise did its job of keeping quality intact. Good quality broth, carefully made wontons enrich the overall texture of the dish. One negative I would like to mention: Noodles were a bit hard. Not to mention, xiao long bao was also great.

Location: Terminal 3 International F&B Unit No. 10, Pajang, Benda, Pajang, Benda, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15126

Contact: +62 (21) 80822114


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