[ID] Mapo Galmaegi 마포갈매기 @ Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)

Taystar @@@@ 4/5

Please refer to Mapo Galmaegi 마포갈매기 review at Senopati here https://goo.gl/Kf1sye

We visited this place for a quick dinner before flying out to Korea. We intentionally ordered pork menu at Magal 마갈 hoping for a different taste of pork at the northern part of Jakarta. The verdict – pork at Magal 마갈 PIK was indeed outstanding.

Magal’s PIK outlet had Smoked BBQ Samgyeopsal 훈제바베큐삼겹살 and Daepae Samgyeopsal 대패삼겹살. Especially, Daepae Samgyeopsal 대패삼겹살 brought back my college days (when we were dirt broke and had to go for cheap Samgyeopsal).

Our pork experience at Magal PIK was an extraordinary one. Pork was full of juice and seasoning was perfect. Furthermore, portion was extremely generous. Would highly recommend.

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