[ID] Lotus Court @ Pondok Indah Plaza 2

Taystar @@ 2/5

This used to be our family’s fine dining Chinese restaurant at Pondok Indah back in the early 1990s. Times have changed and revisiting after 25 years ended up with a slight disappointment.

First, Lotus Court was no longer a fine dining Chinese restaurant, rather a mediocre quality but high-priced dim sum place. Despite price range being slightly higher than the other conventional peers, Lotus had not put much attention on its interior. Literally, the place had time frozen since the 90s.

Second, they have no respect for the demand side. When we sat down we were so surprised to find that half of their dim sum dishes were sold out. I understand that the restaurant wants to save costs by not throwing away left over (unsold) food, but that doesn’t justify them preparing a bit short.

Third, service was terrible. Table setting was horrible and I had to ask them for the chili sauce and soybean sauce.

One liner about the food: Expected taste with no edge or surprises. Me and our family decided to keep my sweet 90s memories only on the back of my head.



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