[ID] Din Tai Fung @ Pondok Indah Mall

Taystar @@@ 3/5

I remember the first time (2003) I went to the original Din Tai Fung (#Dintaifung) in Taiwan. We had to wait for quite some time to secure a seat and enjoy the juicy xiao long bao. Fast forward 5 years to 2008 and I am enjoying xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung Seoul and following a decade later (2018) I’m here at Din Tai Fung Jakarta.

My experience at Din Tai Fung Jakarta was not as spectacular as the first experience in Taiwan. And yes, one might argue that Din Tai Fung’s xiao long bao is overrated. Well, I don’t think I have ever visited this place without ordering xiao long bao. Our family members truly enjoy the juicy, warm and savory experience of the xiao long bao.

In Indonesia, pork is absent in the making of the xiao long bao – which is an essential ingredient. The juice of the dumpling is made of chicken and crab meat. It can not fully replicate the authentic pork xiao long bao experience; however, I am more than sure that this is the best alternative. At some Din Tai Fung spots in Indonesia, xiao long bao can have slight unpleasant meat/fish taste to it – but not here. At Pondok Indah Mall branch, I would rate xiao long bao on the upper scale. The other menus served here were broadly indifferent to me.

Service was pretty prompt despite the dinner crowd. Of one note, I think this was the only Chinese restaurant that actually played Chines music.

Xiao Long Bao @ Din Tai Fung

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