[Product] Irvins Salted Egg Chips by Irvins

@@@ 3/5

I waited 20 minutes at Changi Airport to buy Irvins Salted Egg chips, however I would have to say I was a bit disappointed (compared to the high expectations). The two products offer potato chips or fish skin covered up in their special salted egg seasoning.  Both chips were crispy in texture and not oily at all, however, I find the chips a bit too broken apart vs. original large size. My judgement on the seasoning could be disagreed by many, however, I my personal taste tells me that it’s slightly on the greasy side. What surprised me was that seasoning was not salty – rather its saltiness was very well moderated. The chips goes well with beer!

Overall, 1) I would be neutral on both chips; 2) wouldn’t have any problem having one again, but less likely to wait a long queue for them; 3) I think the price is a bit steep; and 4) I disagree with their tagline “dangerously addictive


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